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Lina Line

Organic all-purpose cleaner

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An all-purpose cleaner should all areas in the household reliableclean. Hygienically clean without leaving streaks. He should remove all kinds of dirt. Whether surfaces, floors, tables, windows, sanitary areas. Just everything.

The all-purpose cleaner from Lina Line is an organic product and impresses with the highest quality and purity. It spoils the whole household with hygienic cleanliness.

Whether surfaces, floors, tiles - everything is hygienically clean. It dissolves all types of dirt, including protein stains and odors. It proves its special cleaning power when it comes to soiling caused by soot.

The Lina Line all-purpose cleaner does not contain any foam enhancers, but still has excellent cleaning power. For marble, natural stone and sensitive objects, please test in advance on an inconspicuous area.