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Lina Line

Bio Badreiniger

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The organic bathroom cleaner with the BIO-POWER SOAP NUT guarantees hygienic, radiant cleanliness for the sanitary area and the bathroom. It quickly and safely removes soap residue and limescale deposits from fittings, bathtubs, showers, sinks and tiles without leaving any residue. It is very powerful in cleaning and yet gentle on the tile joints! For brilliant and hygienic cleanliness in the bathroom and toilet.

The bathroom cleaner was developed together with a master tiler. It was important that the grout did not decompose, as with many other cleaners.


Easy application: Set the spray head to jet on horizontal surfaces such as showers, bath tubs or sinks. Turn to foam when cleaning vertical or uneven surfaces, such as shower walls, faucet turning and tiles. Spray on the surfaces, leave to take effect and then wipe and rinse with a sponge or cloth.