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Lina Line

Bio Entkalker

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For coffee machines and kettles - increases the service life, improves the coffee taste
Vegan, free from allergens, without enzymes

Ingredients: *non-ionic surfactants from organic soap nuts, vegan lactic acid
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation

The organic descaler with the BIO-POWER SOAP NUT is the hero when it comes to removing limescale from kettles and coffee machines. The combination of the organic soap nut and the vegan lactic acid dissolves calcifications in a natural way.

The environmentally friendly descaler dissolves all stubborn limescale deposits quickly and without leaving any residue, thus ensuring that the coffee machine or kettle works perfectly. This is particularly important in the food sector!

Proper and regular cleaning and care of fully automatic coffee machines/machines and kettles with Lina Line limescale remover ensures a long service life. The Lina Line descaler dissolves limescale deposits and improves the taste of the coffee. Biologically safe, the descaler is completely biodegradable.

application: Use the high concentrate like a descaling solution according to the instructions of the device manufacturer.

At the water heater a 1:3 solution is sufficient. Let the cooker heat up briefly - do not boil. After a few minutes, the lime is removed. Rinse well.

The descaler is non-corrosive, easy and safe to use.

The product may foam slightly during the cleaning process. That is normal.

100 ml