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Lina Line

Organic Dishwashing Liquid Orange

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For a guaranteed clean washing result

Bio, Vegan
Ingredients: *5-10% non-ionic surfactants from organic soap nuts, cocoglucoside, *orange scent
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation

The orange-scented hand dishwashing liquid is a certified organic product. It naturally removes dirt that has dried on glasses, plates and pans. The scent of oranges tempts us to get things done quickly in the kitchen. The hand washing-up liquid is a concentrated product and therefore very economical to use.

With the BIO-POWER-WASHNUT-KRAFT it is a powerful dirt remover in the kitchen. The hand dishwashing detergent has a very powerful dirt and fat-dissolving power even without a foam booster. It is very gentle on the skin.
Thanks to the ORGANIC SOAP NUT POWER FORMULA, it quickly softens even stubborn grease stains, dried food residues and burnt-in dirt.
It ensures sparkling clean dishes without the hassle of scrubbing! Thanks to the soap nut, drying is no longer absolutely necessary. The result is sparkling clean dishes without the hassle of scrubbing and drying!
Thanks to the soap nut, annoying odors on hands or dishes such as onions, garlic, fish and much more are significantly reduced when washing up.
The dishwashing detergent is suitable for cutlery and crockery made of all materials - such as stainless steel, porcelain, glass, plastic and much more

tip: If you use the washing-up liquid as pure hand washing soap, unpleasant odors are immediately and permanently removed.

Do not wash under running water, this saves resources. If heavily soiled, leave to soak briefly.

application: Just 1 to 2 squirts are enough for clean dishes.

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500 ml