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Lina Line

Organic glass cleaner with lemongrass

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Thoroughly cleans panes, mirrors, counters and stainless steel furniture without leaving streaks

Ingredients:<10% nichtionische Tenside, *<5% Bio Ethanol, Sodium Benzoat, **Duft Lemongras
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation
**=Part of natural essential oils


With lemongrass essential oil, fills the room with a pleasantly fresh scent

The glass cleaner with the BIO-POWER-WASHNUT-KRAFT from Lina Line is a certified organic product.

He is one of our superheroes and brings radiant, hygienic cleanliness to all glass surfaces. Whether window, mirror or ceramic hob. The powerful cleaning power quickly and effortlessly removes dirt, dust, grease and fingerprints from glass and smooth surfaces.

The organic glass cleaner naturally ensures streak-free, radiant cleanliness on glass and other smooth surfaces with powerful, active fat-dissolving ingredients. The glass cleaner is quickly biodegradable, free from harmful chemicals and extremely kind to the skin.

Contains bio ethanol - Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) is obtained by fermenting vegetable starch. The concentration of the alcoholic glass cleaner solution is chosen so that no streaks form on the glass surface and it dries quickly. In addition, ethanol helps to thoroughly remove greasy dirt. A great addition with our organic soap nuts!

The result is CLEAR!

Easy application: Set the spray head to jet on horizontal surfaces such as ceramic hobs or glass plates. Turn on foam, at windows and mirrors. Spray the surfaces and wipe with a lint-free cloth or kitchen paper.