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Organic machine cleaner

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Machine cleaner for washing machines and dishwashers - organic, vegan, without allergens, without enzymes

Ingredients: *non-ionic surfactants from organic soap nuts, vegan lactic acid, sodium benzoate
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation

The organic machine cleaner with the BIO-POWER-WASHING NUT-POWER is also here to help against deposits, dirt, bacteria, bad odors and limescale in the dishwasher or washing machine.

Washing machine: The machine cleaner, used for the washing machine, cleans thoroughly and, thanks to its special formula, reliably removes limescale, dirt and deposits, even in hard-to-reach areas of the machine. The ORGANIC POWER FORMULA WASH NUT POWER dissolves and binds residues, which are then effectively washed out. Please refer to the device manufacturer's instructions for use. Use at least 3 times a year to protect and maintain the washing machine. Use once a month for best results. For a long service life of the machine and a perfect environmentally friendly alternative to the cleaners available on the market.

dishwasher: Removes grease and limescale inside the machine, the spray arms and the filter - for hygienic cleanliness and a longer service life of your dishwasher. The power formula is extra strong against stubborn grease, dirt and limescale deposits and bad odours.
The intensive machine cleaner ensures hygienic cleanliness inside the dishwasher, the spray arms and the filter.
With regular use (every 1-2 months) the performance of your dishwasher will be maintained for longer

It does not contain carboxylates, optical brighteners or genetic engineering enzymes as usual.

application: Pour the contents of the bottle into the dispenser of the dishwasher or washing machine. You can also put the cleaner directly into the machine. Start a normal program - not a short program!

Due to the dirt dissolved in the lime, it is normal for odors to arise, as bound odors are released. This is normal and shows how important the cleaning was.

100 ml