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Lina Line

Organic washing powder lavender 60 WG

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For hot wash, light and white laundry

*Organic *Vegan *Skin friendly *Enzyme free *No animal testing *No genetic engineering
*No Microplastics *No Laureth Sulfate *Petroleum and palm oil free


Ingredients: >30% zeolite, >30% soda, *>10% non-ionic surfactants from organic soap nuts/high concentrate, >10% soda, >10% sodium percarbonate, **lavender scent
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation
**=Part of natural essential oils, without allergens

The Lina Line washing powder is a certified organichighly concentratedProduct. It is suitable for all washable textiles and all washing temperatures.
The organic washing powder is ideal for white, light and hygiene laundry.

With the addition of active oxygen, stains on light and dark items of laundry are eliminated. The active oxygen prevents the laundry from turning gray. The Lina Line washing powder has a very high washing power at 30° to 95° C and removes stubborn stains such as fruit, grass, tea, coffee or wine.
The Lina Line washing powder makes your laundry shine. Thanks to the innovative whitening power formula, even stubborn stains and dirt are effectively removed. The strong formulation unfolds its high washing power from a temperature of 30 degrees. In addition, the vegan detergent leaves a fresh scent of lavender. For brilliant white laundry.

White laundry should always be washed with heavy-duty washing powder, as it contains active oxygen and brightens the laundry. It protects against yellowing or graying of the laundry. Bed linen, crockery and towels will look forward to a wash with the washing powder. It removes odors and stains.

The scent of lavender brings us additional well-being and the security of clean, hygienic laundry.

Observe dosage and instructions.

Lina Line is working to avoid plastics. We have found our alternative. The heavy-duty washing powder is filled into paper bags and sewn shut. A cardboard measuring scoop is included in each bag. Please fold them. The drawn line is the measurement – 16.5g/30ml for one wash.

The full washing powder is free of enzymes, allergens, microplastics and optical brighteners

Manufactured in Stetten, Austria
Organic certified by Austria Bio Guarantee

1KG - 60 washes