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Lina Line

Organic detergent for bed linen 32 WG

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Organic special detergent - VEGAN
for bed linen and hygiene linen - pine fragrance

*Organic *Vegan *Skin friendly *Enzyme free *No animal testing *No genetic engineering
*No microplastics *No Laureth Suffat *Earth and palm oil free


*Ingredients: *15-30% non-ionic surfactants from organic soap nuts, xanthan gum, *
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation
**=Part of natural essential oils, without allergens

The stone pine is a very special tree.
It conveys courage and strength, resting in itself, can become a thousand years old.

The stone pine contains very special essential oils. They help to stabilize the circulatory system, accelerate vegetative recovery, relax, soothe and improve the quality of sleep. Good, quiet and restful sleep makes us fitter, more rested, more sociable and more communicative.

The organic detergent has an antibacterial effect and ensures clean, hygienic bed linen. The vegan lactic acid dissolves hygiene stains such as blood, sweat, protein,...
The Swiss stone pine scent helps you get a calming sleep. The special organic detergent impresses with the highest quality and purity, spoils us and our bed linen.

recommendation: We recommend choosing the temperature as high as possible and choosing a normal wash cycle - not a short program. Do not overload the washing machine, the laundry should be able to move freely in the drum. In the case of heavy soiling, the dosage can be increased from 30ml - one capful - to 45ml. Be sure to follow the laundry symbols on the label and choose the right temperature. Then you will enjoy your bed linen for a long time.

Lina Line does not use foam boosters, enzymes or dyes.