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Organic detergent for sportswear

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The scent of lemongrass can be intensely calming or mentally stimulating. ...
He brings the sun back to the heart. Promotes concentration. Stimulates action. Creates clarity and freshness.

Since the sportswear consists of special fabrics, it is important that these artificial fabrics such as polyester, polyamide or elastane and also various combinations of materials get the right care and are hygienically clean.

In most cases, this requires a special sports detergent.

The organic soap nut has no problem with any type of fabric and can be used for all fabrics. Odors are removed even at low washing temperatures or by hand washing and the sportswear is cleaned fiber deep. The fibers are protected by remaining closed during the washing process. Breathable, windstopper or rain protection are retained. Consciously choose a gentle cycle or take the sports program to protect the special fibers.

Follow the instructions on the labels of the sportswear. Do not use fabric softener and do not put the sportswear in the dryer.
Drying clothes in the fresh air is great, but make sure that the sportswear is not exposed to direct sunlight.

The Sport Aktiv organic detergent does not contain any foam enhancers, it contains neither enzymes nor dyes.