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Lina Line

Organic Detergent Lavender 50 WG

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The organic detergent with the lavender scent lifts us from everyday worries,
helps us to do our jobs in a relaxed manner

*Organic *Vegan *Dermatologically tested with very good *No animal testing
*No genetic engineering*No microplastics*No laureth sulphate *Free of petroleum and palm oil


Ingredients: *15-30% non-ionic surfactants from organic soap nuts, sodium benzoate, **lavender scent 
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation
**=Part of natural essential oils, without allergens

The lavender scent is an intriguing scent

Some love lavender, others can't "smell" it. Its name comes from "lavare" and means "to wash". Even the ancient Romans used lavender oil as a bath additive, which has a balancing effect and creates inner peace.

Lavender is just the thing to relax on a busy day.

The organic detergent with the lavender scent is therefore the classic among detergent scents. Lavender oil is considered the middle oil. The organic detergent with the fragrant lavender scent can calm us down when we are in a

are stressful. He neutralizes.

A touch of the Mediterranean, home of lavender, envelops us and gives us the freedom to live our dreams. The fragrance lifts us out of everyday worries and helps us to enjoy the day. The organic detergent with the lavender scent is a good friend if you want it.

Wrapped up in the "lavender cloud" gives us that holiday feeling. Relaxed, joyful and carefree, we can cope with everyday life more easily. In addition to the lavender scent, we wrap ourselves in soft linen.

The lavender fragrance for our organic detergent is part of natural essential oils. It has been specially developed and is composed of various essential oils. The scent is really a first class lavender scent, but without allergens! This is what makes our lavender scent so special!