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Lina Line

Organic Detergent Orange Scent 50 WG

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The fruity sweet scent of the organic orange helps us to experience the day happily, full of energy and joy

*Organic *Vegan *very good skin tolerance *no animal testing
*without genetic engineering * enzyme-free* without microplastics
*No Laureth Sulfate *Earth and palm oil free


Ingredients: *15-30% non-ionic surfactants from organic soap nuts, sodium benzoate, *orange scent
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation

Just the sight of an orange workshas a positive effect on the mood and increases well-being and mood.
Already the sniff of freshorangesenough to raise your spirits significantly.

The organic detergent with the fruity-spicy-sweet scent of organic orange is one of those people who love the fruity scent of laundry.

Fresh and happy, he is a companion who brings good mood and sun into our hearts. The orange scent exudes a good mood and joie de vivre. It puts us in a positive mood and brings us serenity. This is a good prerequisite for a good and relaxed start to a new day.

The awareness that we have the best ingredients in our detergents, which do not pollute with the natural ingredients, also allows us to experience our everyday life more relaxed.

It does not contain foam boosters, enzymes or dyes.