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Lina Line

Organic Wildflower Detergent 50 WG

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The feeling of freedom accompanies us with the scent of wildflowers. Joy, light-heartedness and the lovely scent fascinate us and make everyday life easier to cope with. Just the idea of a flower meadow makes our hearts beat faster. The bright colors and the scent of the wild flowers give us the strength and joy to experience everyday life lightly and cheerfully. We would love to lie down in such a flower meadow, close our eyes and just enjoy the scent and the peace of such a meadow.

The organic detergent with the wildflower scent from Lina Line spoils our laundry and ourselves and is created for everyone who loves the scent of flowers.

In addition to the wildflower scent, we wrap ourselves in a soft wash. Lina Line detergent with wildflower scent impresses with its combination of the highest quality and purity. No foam boosters, enzymes or dyes are used. The organic detergent with the wildflower scent is vegan, very skin-friendly, free of earth and palm oil, without animal testing, of course without microplastics, laureth sulfate and of course without genetic engineering.