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Lina Line

Organic fabric softener camomile/wildflower

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The Lina Line fabric softener is a fragrance and fiber softener with the wildflower and chamomile fragrance blend
Fresh, invigorating, flowery - like alpine herbs

Ingredients: *5-15% non-ionic surfactants, 1-5% xanthan, 1-5% cocoglucoside, **1-5% scent of chamomile/wildflower, *0.5-2% sunflower oil from Austria
*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation
**=Part of natural essential oils
*BIO *VEGAN *very good skin tolerance *no animal testing *no animal fats
*GMO free *No Laureth Sulfate *Earth and palm fat free


This vegan Fragrance and fiber conditioner for laundry is a special fragrance. We mixed two very popular fragrances. The herbal scent of chamomile has a strong calming effect, helps to reduce stress and helps with overstimulation.

The wildflower scent is fresh, invigorating, floral. The scent of wildflowers opens our hearts. The wild flowers can develop freely and give us back the naturalness in the form of the fragrance. The feeling of freedom accompanies us. Joy, light-heartedness and the lovely scent fascinate us and make everyday life easier to cope with.

So here is the combination of stress relief and still the right energy boost that we need.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and to protect their delicate skin. No fibers that rub against the body and cause restlessness.

By combining organic soap nuts and organic sunflower oil from Austria, we have achieved a cuddly effect with the delicate, herbaceous scent of chamomile and the fresh, invigorating scent of wild flowers. We leave only the best on our skin.

complement: If you are looking for, or like, this fragrance, it is a good complement to our hypoallergenic organic detergent, unscented. But can also be added to the detergent with wildflower scent or chamomile scent. It's nice when you have different options and can complement or combine the products.

Here, too, you can determine the strength of the fragrance yourself!

recommendation: We recommend adding 10ml to the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine. If you want a more intense fragrance, you can increase it to 30 ml - one capful.

Manufactured in Stetten, Austria
Organic certified by Austria Bio Guarantee