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Lina Line

Organic fabric softener rose fragrance

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Lina Line fabric softener is a fragrance and fiber softener with a rose scent -
The queen of flowers takes center stage here.

Ingredients: *5-15% non-ionic surfactants from organic soap nuts *1-5% xanthan,
1-5% cocoglucoside, **1-5% rose scent, *0.5-2% sunflower oil from Austria

*=kbA from controlled organic cultivation
**=Part of natural essential oils, without allergens
*BIO *VEGAN *very good skin tolerance *no animal testing *no genetic engineering
*No animal fats *No microplastics *No Laureth Sulfate *Free of petroleum and palm oil


The vegan fragrance and fiber rinser with the scent of roses is not only beneficial with its floral scent. The queen of flowers takes center stage here.

The scent of roses revitalizes and brings harmony into everyday life. The lovely, unmistakable scent of the rose produces feelings of happiness and invigorates body and mind. Rose fragrance makes women feel feminine and attractive. The scent of roses promotes the physical and mental well-being of people.

The scent of roses in our clothes and the fiber flatterers of the organic sunflower from Austria are a perfect combination.

There is no way we can do without the scent of the rose. He opens our hearts and makes it easier for us to overcome many hurdles in everyday life.

The snuggly effect in our underwear complements our well-being and our self-confidence.

complement to our rose organic detergent or the organic detergent hypoallergenic, without fragrance. The big advantage is that you can determine the strength of the fragrance yourself.

recommendation: We recommend adding 10ml to the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine. If you want a more intense fragrance, you can increase it to 30 ml - one capful.