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Lina Line

ECO dishwashing powder

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For effortlessly clean, shiny dishes

Ingredients: 5% nonionic surfactants, 5-15% phosphates, 15-30% oxygen-based bleach

Unfortunately, the dishwashing powder is not a certified organic product and does not contain any soap nuts (we are working on it). However, it ensures lasting purity. The ingredients are quickly and easily biodegradable, protect nature and the environment. Very economical to use and very powerful in cleaning.
The dishwashing powder is vegan, contains no microplastics, no emulsifiers, carboxylates or genetically engineered enzymes as usual.

application: The powder is a highly concentrated powder. This makes it easier to dose correctly, nothing remains undissolved in the dishwasher.

Up to 15 grams are sufficient for normal water hardness and dirt.

A rinse aid is not absolutely necessary. If you still don't want to do without a rinse aid, please use the Lina Line Shine Dryer. The dishwashing powder and the shine dryer are perfectly matched.

Please use dishwasher salt. The Lina Line dishwashing powder contains no salt.

62 applications with 1 kg content