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Lina Line

ECO shine dryer

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Highly efficient shine dryer for the dishwasher ECO - radiant shine

Ingredients: 10-25% fatty alcohol alkoxylate, nonionic surfactants, sodium benzoate, methylisothiazolinone

The ECO shine dryer/rinse aid is a highly efficient acidic high-gloss dryer and has the maximum effect despite its environmentally friendly composition. The ingredients are easily and quickly biodegradable.

It gives the dishes the highest gloss effect, is streak-free and drip-free. It accelerates drying, prevents limescale deposits and is extremely economical.

Most rinse aids contain surfactants. These put a good amount of soap over the dishes to allow water to drain. This partially dries up and is removed again during use.

The Lina Line shine dryer can be used with a clear conscience. It leaves no possible residues that are of concern.

The shine dryer is perfectly matched to the dishwashing detergent powder from Lina Line.

application: Can be used for crockery and glasses, with all water hardness levels. May only be used in an automatic dosing system. Place the gloss dryer in the dishwasher's dosing device according to the machine manufacturer's specifications and the dosing instructions.

100 ml