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Eilfix alcohol scent cleaner

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The Eilfix alcohol scent cleaner is a quick-drying gentle cleaner with a pleasant scent that is suitable for all smooth surfaces made of glass, plastic, marble, imitation leather or ceramics. It gives a streak-free shine without attacking the material. Tiles, floors or furniture with a plastic or paint coating can also be easily treated with this all-purpose cleaner thanks to the gentle all-purpose cleaning formula. After use, a fresh lemon scent unfolds, which shows that it has been cleaned and cared for hygienically.

Areas of application Eilfix alcohol scent cleaner blue
- Suitable for smooth, waterproof surfaces such as glass, plastic, ceramics, paint
- Can be used to clean marble
- Can be used to clean floors and tiles
- Can be used to clean magnesia screed and coverings

Application Eilfix alcohol scent cleaner
Depending on the degree of soiling, dilute 0.25 - 0.5% (20 - 40 ml/8 liters of cold water). In the case of heavier soiling, increase the dosage.